What on Earth is this blog about?

Cats? Life? Unexpected surprises? What is this blog about, anyway? In one picture:

Sir Percy Catney is at it again

You little rascal!

No, it’s not strictly about a naughty black cat that can’t understand the meaning of, ‘Off the counters!’ But it is about hitches that come up in our everyday – or not so everyday – lives. Hitches, like a kitty nose poking around your cutting board despite your best attempts at pushing him away from your food scraps. Hitches, like discovering that your freshly-painted windowsill now has nail scratches all over it. Like finding fur and hair in your breakfast bowl when you were sure you had the cats far away. Like learning that your remodeling project is delayed, for reasons you cannot control. Like reaching for the milk and discovering you only have a quarter of the amount called for in your latest cake recipe.

Welcome to my household.

Home sweet home.

Home sweet home.

The past year was a busy one. I left one job, began freelancing for another, moved twice, and bought my first property with my husband. I think we got in a little over our heads. Unlike most of our peers who set their sights on a newer home, we knew from the beginning that we wanted nothing less than a historic charmer. We just didn’t think we’d end up getting something quite so old: A c. 1810 exposed-brick Federal-style home, built by a rural town blacksmith, and loved and molded by generations throughout the ages.

We signed the papers in May 2013. We did not move in until October that same year. Nearly six months of renovation is enough to sprout half a head of gray hair and add twenty points to your blood pressure, and over time, my relationships and mental health wore thin.

This blog is a way to teach myself not to sweat the small stuff and to adapt, even embrace, the difficulties that come up. Like that kitty nose in my chili bowl. Like the day I skipped my workout routine when I promised myself I would not miss a day. Like that fresh dent in a wall of uneven plaster. Like not quite having the right ingredients for that favorite recipe. It’s all good! What’s the harm in a pinch more character in this rickety old home? It is not as if one skipped workout will whittle away my hard-earned muscle definition. Besides, all that junk about baking being a science… well, even that has a little bit of flexibility. Nothing is a total loss if you can work out a way to manage it properly.

And, hey! If I’m lucky, I might be able to convince my little black guy to back off from my prep space long enough for me to complete a meal. He can take a hint from my angelic older tabby here, sleeping peacefully on the bed.

Fat chance.

Fat chance.

I’ll give it a try while I cook and bake my stress away.


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