Pseudo-Philosophizing Over French Chocolate Silk Pie

French Silk Pie

Sometimes — okay, maybe all the time — big days or events don’t go as planned.

Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day, for example. Yeah, I know, it’s a completely commercialized holiday scam that the greeting card companies push on we eager consumers, blah blah blah. My husband and I did not take the gifts-and-cards route this year. All we wanted was to set a nice table, cook a big feast of Belgian-style mussels marinière, sop it up with some crusty French bread, share a bottle of wine, and cuddle down with a rich, chocolatey dessert over some exciting Olympic events. Continue reading


Ukrainian Pierogies (Or Vareniky, or Pyrohy. Take your pick!)

Fried Pierogies

Potato dumplings. Earthy, unctuous mushrooms tucked into delicate ears of dough. Warm, beefy, beety borsch. Fried fish.

I hadn’t realized how traditional my family celebrations were until I grew old enough to realize that not everyone celebrated Christmas or Easter the way we did. What? You didn’t pile on the starches for a Christmas Eve feast (twelve meatless dishes, one to symbolize each of Jesus Christ’s apostles, to be exact, if we are being incredibly traditional)? Christmas Eve wasn’t even all that big of a concern for you? Really? Continue reading